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Vertalo connects and enables the
Digital Asset Ecosystem.

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Enabling Private Asset Markets

The private asset market is hindered by poor user experience and fragmentation between technology platforms.

Vertalo connects and enables the security token ecosystem by utilizing blockchain technology to bring cap tables and investor management into the 21st century.

  • Improve the investor experience.

    Vertalo’s platform allows new and existing companies to streamline digital asset management and create liquidity.

  • Set up your cap tables with Vertalo.

    Vertalo’s on-chain secured cap tables give companies and investors more power and flexibility in managing assets.

  • Tokenize when you’re ready.

    Create tokens to fractionalize ownership or list and trade on an exchange. Vertalo allows you to tokenize assets and distribute to investor wallets instantly.

On-Chain Data Management, Off-Chain Usability

Enjoy the empowerment, ownership, and liquidity of on-chain digital assets without the need to understand complicated blockchain technology.



    Completed upon investor registration using KYC/AML partners and provides portable eligibility to all trades.

  • Liquidity


    Trade assets directly from the cap table or your portfolio using our partner network of top-tier trading platforms.

  • Direct Ownership

    Direct Ownership

    Investors hold their assets over the blockchain-powered cap table without the need for a 3rd party, giving them complete control.

  • Direct Listing

    Direct Listing

    Create liquid assets and distribute them directly to investors using on-chain technology without the need for a 3rd party or expensive IPO.

  • Triple Entry Bookkeeping

    Triple Entry Bookkeeping

    Accounting entries are cryptographically sealed and placed on a blockchain smart contract, creating an immutable third entry link between involved parties.

  • Portable Registration

    Portable Registration

    Once registration is completed with Vertalo, investor information and eligibility are carried into every deal, streamlining all transactions.

  • Blockchain Agnostic

    Blockchain Agnostic

    The Vertalo platform can work with any and all blockchains, which means you aren’t limited to a specific technology or protocol.

  • Keyless Wallets

    Keyless Wallets

    Thanks to our custodian partner network, investors enjoy holding and trading on-chain assets without keeping track of cryptographic keys.

Trusted by Companies Across the Ecosystem

Vertalo builds partnerships based on trust, shared values, and the common goal of creating a digital asset revolution.

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